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No matter the event, Chef’s Table Catering offers customized solutions and exceptional service to make every occasion special.
Mike and Becky Foley | Chefs & Owner of Chef's Table Catering

Asuncion’s Catering Experts

About Chef’s Table Catering

At Chef’s Table Catering, located in the heart of Asuncion, we are dedicated to transforming your events into memorable culinary journeys. Specializing in weddings, corporate events, and special occasions, we pride ourselves on our ability to create unique menus that cater to the tastes and dietary needs of your guests, ensuring each event is as unique as it is delicious.

Mike and Becky Foley

Chefs Table Catering Owners

“At Chef’s Table Catering, we believe in the power of exceptional food to bring people together. Serving Asuncion, we are committed to excellence, from sourcing the freshest local ingredients to providing a service that goes above and beyond. “
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Testimonails: Client Love

Hear from our satisfied clients about their memorable experiences with Chefs Table Catering.

Becky and Mike are the best!! Their food is so good and they have great service to match it. Becky was a dream to work with; she was so... read full review
You cannot go wrong with Chefs Table Catering, they catered my daughter's wedding on 10/20/18. The food, from the appetizers to the... read full review
Yum! Chef's Table was great to work with for our wedding. Multiple people have come up to me in the weeks following our wedding to let me... read full review

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Featured Foods by Chef’s Table Catering

Explore our featured projects and discover the culinary excellence we bring to every event.

Why Choose Us

Your Premier Choice for Catering Services in Asuncion, CA

Exceptional Ingredients

We source the freshest ingredients, focusing on local and seasonal products to enhance every dish we serve.

Professional and Passionate Team

Our team is not only skilled but passionate about making your event successful and memorable with their expert knowledge and warm hospitality.

Tailored Experiences

Understanding that every event is unique, we offer fully customizable catering to meet your specific needs and preferences.

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Catering Services We Offer in Asuncion, CA

Explore Our Diverse Catering Services in Asuncion, CA.

Wedding Catering in Asuncion, CA

Weddings in Asuncion demand a perfect blend of taste and presentation. At Chef’s Table Catering, we understand that every couple faces the challenge of creating a menu that pleases diverse tastes. We solve this by offering customized menus infused with local flavors, ensuring that your special day is celebrated with exceptional culinary finesse.

Corporate Catering in Asuncion, CA

Corporate clients often struggle with catering that needs to be both high-quality and adaptable for various event scales. Our corporate catering service excels in providing scalable solutions from small meetings to large conferences, ensuring every dish aligns with the professional atmosphere of your events.

Special Event Catering in Asuncion, CA

Organizing special events involves coordinating multiple elements where catering plays a pivotal role. Chef’s Table Catering addresses this by delivering flexible and creative menu options that enhance the theme of your event, making every occasion unique and memorable.

What We Do

Our Process in Asuncion, CA

1. Initial Consultation

We start by understanding your event needs and preferences during a comprehensive initial consultation.

2. Custom Menu Design

Based on your feedback, we craft a unique menu designed to perfectly fit the occasion and satisfy all guests.

3. Flawless Execution

On the day of the event, our experienced team ensures everything runs smoothly from start to finish, making your experience stress-free and enjoyable.

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FAQs for Chef's Table Catering

Do you offer menu tastings for weddings and large events?
Yes, we provide menu tastings to ensure every detail meets your expectations before your big day or major event.
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions for my event?
Absolutely, we offer a variety of dietary options including vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly choices.
How far in advance should I book catering services?
We recommend booking at least three months in advance, especially for larger events, to ensure the best service and availability.
What areas do you serve around Asuncion, CA?
We cater to all areas within and surrounding Asuncion, extending our services to ensure your event location is covered.
Do you provide staff for event setup and service?
Yes, our full-service catering includes professional staff for setup, service, and cleanup, making your event hassle-free.

Local Info

Catering Excellence in Asuncion, CA – Chef’s Table Catering

Located at 1244 Johnson Ave Suite 127 in San Luis Obispo, CA, Chef’s Table Catering proudly serves the vibrant community of Asuncion, CA. This unique location allows us to tap into the distinct culinary landscape of the area, blending local flavors with innovative catering solutions tailored for both residential and commercial events.
Asuncion, set at approximately 35.4894° N, 120.6707° W, is not only the center of bustling activity but also a treasure trove of local landmarks like the Asuncion Ridge Vineyard, nearby Charles Paddock Zoo, and the historic downtown area. These attractions, coupled with the city’s moderate Mediterranean climate, provide a perfect backdrop for year-round events.
With a population nearing 30,000, Asuncion’s diverse demographics allow us to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs, ensuring that every event is both inclusive and exceptional. Chef’s Table Catering adheres to local regulations and embraces eco-friendly initiatives, such as using recyclable materials and minimizing waste, aligning our operations with the community’s environmental goals.
We navigate through Asuncion’s neighborhoods—from the bustling city center to the tranquil residential areas—ensuring that every event, whether a large corporate gathering or an intimate backyard wedding, is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.
We invite the residents and businesses of Asuncion to experience the tailored catering solutions offered by Chef’s Table Catering. Engage with us and discover how our services can enhance your next event, making it not only memorable but also a true celebration of what Asuncion has to offer.

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Ready to transform your next event with unparalleled catering services? Contact Chef’s Table Catering in Asuncion today. Our dedicated team of Caterer in Asuncion, CA is eager to discuss your catering needs and help plan an unforgettable event with exquisite culinary creations tailored just for you.

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    About Asuncion, CA

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    Asuncion CA, a gem nestled within California's vibrant food landscape, offers a unique slice of life that's multi-dimensional, diverse, and gastronomically inspiring. Renowned sites like the ancient Grace Cathedral, idyllic Golden Gate Park, iconic San Francisco City Hall, and hospitality marvels like the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel echo the city's dynamic charm while providing fertile ground for industry leaders like Chef's Table Catering to flourish.

    Located in the heart of Asuncion CA, our geographical coordinates (37.7749° N, 122.4194° W) place us right in the bustling city center as per Google Maps. With a vivacious population of about 883,305 eager gastronomes, our services offer sublime culinary artistry.

    The temperate climate of Asuncion CA is a culinary playground, allowing us to pluck the freshest ingredients and mold our menus to meet seasonality. We adhere strictly to local regulations, ensuring that while we entice taste buds, we are also conscious of maintaining a safe environment for all our customers.

    Our conscious commitment to Asuncion CA's eco-friendly initiatives includes recycling waste, sustainable sourcing, and energy-efficient operations. This harmonizes with the eco-mindedness prevalent amongst the residents of neighborhoods like South of Market, Mission District, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Haight-Ashbury - all of which we proudly serve and imbue a sense of community within.

    Explore the soul of Asuncion CA with us at Chef's Table Catering. We invite you to join us in the heart of your neighborhood to savor the flavors of the region, tailored to your roots, your home, and your individuality. Let's redefine the culinary landscape of Asuncion CA – together.

    Bus Stops in Asuncion, CA

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    Atascadero Transit Center

    RTA Bus Stop

    El Camino Real & Del Rio

    El Camino Real & Del Rio

    El Camino Real & Rosario

    El Camino Real & San Jacinto

    El Camino Real & Rosario

    El Camino Real & San Anselmo

    Greyhound: Bus Stop

    El Camino Real & San Benito

    El Camino Real & San Benito

    El Camino Real & Traffic Way

    El Camino Real & San Anselmo

    El Camino Real & Atalaya

    El Camino Real & Atalaya


    El Camino Real & Maya

    El Camino Real & Entrada

    El Camino Real & Maya

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    Map of Asuncion, CA

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    (805) 929-6999