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Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Chef’s Table Catering in Paso Robles, CA, is here to transform your vision into reality.

Mike and Becky Foley | Chefs & Owner of Chef's Table Catering

About Us

Premier Caterer Service in Paso Robles, CA

At Chef’s Table Catering, we understand that every event is unique. Serving San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County, we’re here to bring your vision to life with our exceptional catering services. From selecting the freshest local ingredients to ensuring each dish is served to perfection, our team is dedicated to excellence. Whether it’s an elegant wedding, a corporate gathering, or a special celebration, trust us to make your event unforgettable.

Mike and Becky Foley

Chefs Table Catering Owners

“At Chef’s Table Catering, we’re not just preparing food; we’re creating experiences that linger long after the last course. Welcome to the table where every meal is a celebration, crafted with love, in Paso Robles.”

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Testimonails: Client Love

Hear from our satisfied clients about their memorable experiences with Chefs Table Catering.

Becky and Mike are the best!! Their food is so good and they have great service to match it. Becky was a dream to work with; she was so... read full review
You cannot go wrong with Chefs Table Catering, they catered my daughter's wedding on 10/20/18. The food, from the appetizers to the... read full review
Yum! Chef's Table was great to work with for our wedding. Multiple people have come up to me in the weeks following our wedding to let me... read full review

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Featured Foods by Chef’s Table Catering

Why Choose Us

Your Premier Choice for Catering Services in Paso Robles, CA

Local and Organic Ingredients

We prioritize local, organic ingredients to ensure the freshest and most flavorful dishes for your event.

Customized Menus for Every Occasion

Our expert chefs craft customized menus that perfectly align with your event’s theme and dietary preferences.

Unmatched Professional Service

Our dedicated team delivers impeccable service, ensuring your event runs smoothly from start to finish.

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Catering Services We Offer in Paso Robles, CA

Paso Robles, CA Wedding Catering

Weddings are a celebration of love, and every detail needs to be perfect, including the food. Our wedding catering service in Paso Robles offers personalized menu planning to reflect each couple’s taste and style. We understand the challenge of pleasing a diverse group of guests and provide a variety of culinary options to ensure everyone enjoys a memorable meal on your special day.

Paso Robles, CA Corporate Catering

Impress your colleagues and clients with our corporate catering services in Paso Robles. From board meetings to large corporate events, we offer menus that are designed to keep your team energized and focused. We tackle the challenge of catering to various dietary preferences by offering customizable options that cater to everyone’s needs, ensuring your event is both professional and palatable.

Paso Robles, CA Special Events & Party Catering

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any celebration, our special event catering services in Paso Robles bring your vision to life with exceptional food and service. We understand the importance of creating an event that stands out. Our team works closely with you to design a menu that fits the theme and ambiance of your event, addressing the challenge of making your special occasion uniquely memorable.

Our Process

Simplifying Your Catering Experience in Three Easy Steps

1. Consultation

Our team will guide you through selecting the ideal menu, ensuring it aligns with your tastes, dietary requirements, and event theme, providing a tailored experience that sets the foundation for a memorable occasion.

2. Menu Creation

Our chefs design a unique menu tailored to your event, incorporating your favorite flavors and dietary needs.

3. Event Execution

On the day of the event, our team ensures every detail is perfect, from the presentation of the food to the quality of service.

Make Your Next Event Unforgettable – Contact Us Today!


FAQs for Chef's Table Catering

What areas do you serve?

We serve all of San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County, focusing on Paso Robles and surrounding areas.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, we can accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and allergy-specific requests.

How far in advance should I book catering services?

We recommend booking as early as possible, ideally several months in advance, to ensure your event date is available.

What is included in your catering services?

Our services include menu planning, meal preparation, professional staffing, setup, and cleanup, as well as options for rentals and decor.

What makes Chef's Table Catering different from other catering services?

Our dedication to sourcing local, seasonal, and organic ingredients sets us apart, along with our personalized approach to crafting unique catering experiences for each client.

Local Info

Experience the Essence of Paso Robles with Chef’s Table Catering: Your Local Culinary Experts

Located at 1244 Johnson Ave Suite 127, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, United States, Chef’s Table Catering proudly serves Paso Robles, CA—a region renowned for its vibrant culinary scene and rich agricultural heritage. This unique location, nestled within the heart of San Luis Obispo County, not only offers a scenic backdrop but also a fertile ground for a caterer like us to thrive, reflecting the area’s commitment to freshness and quality.

Paso Robles, CA, is a gem for both residential and commercial entities, boasting a blend of historical sites, lush parks, and a bustling downtown. With landmarks such as the iconic Paso Robles City Hall, the picturesque Downtown City Park, the state-of-the-art Paso Robles Hospital, luxurious hotels like The Paso Robles Inn, and must-visit tourist destinations including the Vina Robles Vineyards & Winery, the city is a hub of activity and culture.

Positioned at 35.6342° N, 120.6910° W, Paso Robles is home to over 31,000 residents, offering a diverse community and a warm climate that shapes our catering offerings.

Chef’s Table Catering adapts to Paso Robles’ climate considerations, providing services that cater to both indoor and outdoor settings, ensuring comfort and satisfaction for every event. Our compliance with local regulations and our eco-friendly initiatives, such as using locally sourced, organic ingredients and minimizing waste, underscore our dedication to sustainability and the well-being of the Paso Robles community.

Serving every neighborhood in Paso Robles, from the bustling downtown area to the serene residential outskirts, we ensure every client receives personalized, top-notch catering services. Our understanding of the local market and commitment to excellence positions us as a leading caterer for both residents and businesses in the area.

Experience the best of Paso Robles with Chef’s Table Catering—where your culinary dreams become a reality. Let us bring the unique flavors and spirit of Paso Robles to your next event, crafting memorable experiences that celebrate the essence of this extraordinary location.

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Planning an Event in Paso Robles? Let Chef’s Table Catering your go-to expert caterer in Paso Robles, CA Make It Unforgettable.

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    About Paso Robles, CA

    Paso Robles ( PASS-oh ROH-buulz), officially El Paso de Robles (Spanish for "The Pass of Oaks"), is a city in San Luis Obispo County, California, United States. Located on the Salinas River north of San Luis Obispo, California, the city is known for its hot springs, its abundance of wineries, its production of olive oil, almond orchards, and for playing host to the California Mid-State Fair. == Etymology and pronunciation == The city's full name is "El Paso de Robles", which in Spanish means "The Pass of the Oaks". People differ on the pronunciation of the city's shortened name of "Paso Robles". While its Spanish pronunciation is PASS-oh ROH-blays, residents anglicize the pronunciation as PASS-oh ROH-buulz. This anglicized version has been used in the city phone message. == History == This area of the Central Coast, known as the City of El Paso De Robles, Paso Robles, or simply "Paso", is known for its thermal springs. Native Americans known as the Salinan lived in the area thousands of years before the mission era. They knew this area as the “Springs” or the “Hot Springs.” A tribal site on present-day Paso Robles was named elewexe, Obispeño for "Swordfish".Paso Robles is located on the Rancho Paso de Robles Mexican land grant that was purchased by James and Daniel Blackburn in 1857. Their partner was Drury James of Kentucky, a veteran of the Mexican War and uncle of the outlaw Jesse James.

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    Reviews for Chef\'s Table Catering Paso Robles, CA

    Chef\'s Table Catering Reviews

    David Curtis

    starstarstarstarstar (5)

    Wow! Attended a friends wedding and the selection of food was unbelievable. Best part was everything and I mean everything tasted fantastic and was hot very freshly cooked to perfection! Even the what seemed to be simple appetizers were just incredible in flavor profiles. The Chef I learned later, was formally trained at Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts college, and also was head Chef at a famous 5 Star restaurant in Marina Del Rey, California for a number of years before he opened his phenomenal catering business. The serving staff took great care of us like a very high end restaurant would as well!!! I say 5 out of 5 Stars all the way!!! Huge Kudos to Chef’s Table Catering!!!

    Chef\'s Table Catering Reviews

    Krysta Faulkner

    starstarstarstarstar (5)

    If I could give Chefs Table a 10 Star Review I would! Their customer service is one of a kind from start to finish. Becky and her talented Chef hubby, Mike are genuinely good people! They have a talented team of kind service staff that ensure every guest is well cared for throughout the entire event. The food is ALWAYS outstanding and accommodating to guest with dietary restrictions. I recommend Chef's Table to all my couples because their team never disappoints!

    Chef\'s Table Catering Reviews

    andrew dieken

    starstarstarstarstar (5)

    Becky, Mike, & their team were amazing. They worked with us to bring our vision to life. Everything they made was done with care & tasted delicious. They will not disappoint.

    (805) 929-6999