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Specializing in creating memorable feasts, Chef’s Table Catering delivers exceptional culinary experiences tailored to your special day in Atascadero.
Mike and Becky Foley | Chefs & Owner of Chef's Table Catering

About Us

Atascadero’s Catering Experts

At Chef’s Table Catering, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier catering services in Atascadero and the surrounding areas. Our team is passionate about delivering culinary excellence and exceptional service for every occasion, whether it’s a lavish wedding, an important corporate meeting, or a special family event. With a strong emphasis on using locally-sourced, organic ingredients, we ensure every dish not only tastes exquisite but also supports our community. Our flexible catering options are designed to accommodate any event size and style, ensuring your catering experience is as perfect as the occasion itself.

Mike and Becky Foley

Chefs Table Catering Owners

“Our dedication to excellence is reflected in every plate we serve. We’re not just preparing food; we’re crafting experiences. This commitment to quality and passion for service is what sets us apart.”
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Testimonails: Client Love

Hear from our satisfied clients about their memorable experiences with Chefs Table Catering.

Becky and Mike are the best!! Their food is so good and they have great service to match it. Becky was a dream to work with; she was so... read full review
You cannot go wrong with Chefs Table Catering, they catered my daughter's wedding on 10/20/18. The food, from the appetizers to the... read full review
Yum! Chef's Table was great to work with for our wedding. Multiple people have come up to me in the weeks following our wedding to let me... read full review

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Featured Foods by Chef’s Table Catering

Explore our featured projects and discover the culinary excellence we bring to every event.

Why Choose Us

Your Premier Choice for Catering Services in Atascadero, CA

Expertise in Local and Seasonal Ingredients

We prioritize fresh, local produce, ensuring every dish is crafted with the finest and most sustainable ingredients available in Atascadero.

Customizable Menus for Any Event

Our menus are fully customizable, allowing us to tailor every aspect of your catering to match the theme and requirements of your event.

Unmatched Professional Service

Our experienced staff provides seamless service, ensuring every aspect of your catering experience is managed with utmost professionalism and care.

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Catering Services We Offer in Atascadero, CA

Culinary Excellence Tailored to Your Needs

Wedding Catering in Atascadero, CA

Weddings are momentous occasions requiring exquisite meals that match the grandeur of the event. At Chef’s Table Catering, we understand the stress of planning a perfect wedding. We alleviate this challenge by providing expertly tailored menus and impeccable service, ensuring that your wedding meal enhances your special day without any culinary worries.

Corporate Catering in Atascadero, CA

Corporate events often need to impress while accommodating diverse tastes and dietary needs. Our corporate catering service specializes in creating professional and accommodating menus, solving the common problem of meeting various preferences. Chef’s Table Catering ensures every business meal is crafted to reflect your company’s high standards and leave a lasting impression.

Special Event Catering in Atascadero, CA

Special events, whether large or intimate, require a keen eye for detail and a menu that complements the theme. Our special event catering tackles the challenge of matching the food experience with the uniqueness of your event. From menu design to execution, we ensure that your celebration is memorable and stress-free with our top-notch culinary solutions.

What We Do

Our Process in Atascadero, CA

1. Consultation

Discuss your event’s specific needs and preferences with our catering experts to tailor the perfect menu.

2. Customization

We design a menu that perfectly suits your event’s theme and your guests’ dietary preferences.

3. Execution

On the day of your event, our professional team ensures impeccable service and a delightful culinary experience.

Experience culinary excellence with Chefs Table Catering today!


FAQs for Chef's Table Catering

What types of events do you cater to in Atascadero?
We cater to all types of events, including weddings, corporate gatherings, and special family celebrations.
Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
Absolutely! We offer a variety of menu options that can be customized to meet any dietary needs.
How far in advance should I book catering services?
We recommend booking as early as possible, especially for large events, to ensure date availability and ample preparation time.
Do you provide catering services outside of Atascadero?
Yes, we serve the entire San Luis Obispo County and Northern Santa Barbara County.
What is included in your catering packages?
Our packages typically include menu planning, food preparation, serving, and clean-up services. Specific details can be customized to your needs.

Local Info

Discover Local Excellence with Chef’s Table Catering in Atascadero

Located at 1244 Johnson Ave Suite 127 in San Luis Obispo, CA, Chef’s Table Catering is perfectly positioned in Atascadero, a vibrant hub known for its rich history and scenic beauty. Atascadero’s unique blend of residential charm and commercial vitality makes it an ideal location for our full-service catering company. We specialize in enhancing local events, from intimate gatherings to grand corporate functions, by delivering unparalleled culinary experiences.
Atascadero, nestled in the heart of San Luis Obispo County, boasts a diverse array of attractions including the majestic Atascadero City Hall, the serene Sunken Gardens, and the modern Twin Cities Community Hospital. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the historic Carlton Hotel and the engaging Charles Paddock Zoo, reflecting the community’s appreciation for both heritage and family-friendly activities.
This city, with coordinates at approximately 35.4894° N, 120.6707° W, supports a population of around 30,000 residents who experience a Mediterranean climate. This climate influences our menu selections, ensuring that the dishes we offer are perfectly suited to the area’s warm summers and mild winters.
Chef’s Table Catering is committed to Atascadero’s green initiatives. We prioritize eco-friendly practices such as using locally-sourced, organic ingredients and minimizing waste, aligning with local regulations to foster a sustainable community. We serve every corner of Atascadero, from the bustling downtown to the quiet residential neighborhoods, ensuring every event is a culinary delight.
We invite all residents and businesses in Atascadero to experience the exceptional catering solutions Chef’s Table Catering offers. Engage with us and discover how we can make your next event not only memorable but also a celebration of local flavor and sustainability.

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    About Atascadero, CA

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    Nestled in the heart of San Luis Obispo County, Atascadero, CA is a culinary paradise offering endless opportunities for businesses like Chef's Table Catering. Located at 35.4894°N latitude and 120.6706°W longitude, this city is not just the geographic heart of the county, but also its premier catering hotspot.

    Atascadero thrives on a population of over 30,000 residents who relish unique and delectable cuisine. With landmarks like the County Government Center, the famous Sunken Gardens, the historic Carlton Hotel, Atascadero State Hospital, and the Charles Paddock Zoo, the city is full of life, and offers the ideal canvas for our Caterer services.

    Recognizing the variations in local climate, Chef's Table Catering ensures the freshest ingredients for every season, creating vibrant and refreshing menus that pay homage to the city’s rich cultural backdrop.

    Our commitment to sustainability is clear in our day-to-day operations. From utilizing recycled materials to sustainable procurement methods, we are proud contributors to Atascadero's thriving eco-conscious community.

    Whether you inhabit the charming neighborhoods of Paradise Valley, River Gardens, Colony Homes, Downtown or Alta Vista, Chef’s Table Catering serves equally. Every dish, each menu is created with the unique cooking styles, tastes, and preferences of our customers in our heart.

    We comply with all local regulations for a seamless catering experience, making us the trusted partner in significant events in this beautiful city.

    At Chef’s Table Catering, we eagerly anticipate serving all communities within Atascadero. We invite you to engage with us and relish our distinctly tailored Caterer solutions that capture the essence of Atascadero’s vibrant culinary tapestry. Taste the difference today with Chef’s Table Catering. Stay connected with us for your next event planning in the breathtakingly beautiful Atascadero, CA.

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